Vegan, soy-free, seasonal… is there anything you can eat?!

Apparently it’s been a while since my last post, because it definitely isn’t summer any longer. But here we are, right in the middle of possibly my favourite season of the year, food-wise. The rich autumn harvest of pumpkins, grapes, chestnuts, mushrooms and apples, to mention a few, make the farewell to summer bearable, and usher in a new, colder, yet cozy and comfy time of the year.

Celebrating each season’s offerings, discovering creative ways to put them to use, can actually enrich your cooking repertoire, rather than limit it. And just when you start getting tired of pumpkin everything, the winter’s leafy greens and earthy roots bring something fresh to play with. So, go at it with abandon, dare to bring home some weird-looking vegetable you’ve never worked with before, and let it inspire you into discovering new textures and flavours. „Vegan, soy-free, seasonal… is there anything you can eat?!“ weiterlesen